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Our unique cloth nappy system consists of one-size Soakers and three sizes of covers. We recommend 20 Soakers and 24 Covers (8 in each size) to cover birth to toilet-training. This is based on an average baby and doing 1/2 load of washing every 2nd day. The cost is spread over time, so you only buy what you need, when you need it. 

Step 1: Starter Pack (usually $349) - 20 soakers, 2 boosters, 8 covers in Newborn size (roughly 0-6 months)

Step 2: Covers Pack (usually $160) - 8 covers in Infant size (roughly 6-15 months)

Step 3: Covers Pack (usually $160) - 8 covers in Toddler or Snaps (over 12 months)

The Complete Nappy Pack contains all of these items and is great value at $669.

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