how it works

Save money and respect the environment. It's easier than you think!

Soft stay-dry lining protects baby's skin.

Stain-resistant, no toxic chemicals.

 Adjustable snug fit.

Our nappies are made from high-quality modern fabrics and are as effective as disposables. The absorbent part of the nappy is made from hemp/organic cotton or bamboo fleece, which are many times more absorbent than regular cotton, making our nappies slim-fitting. Protecting your baby’s skin is a soft stay-dry layer that efficiently wicks fluid away into the absorbent layers. This keeps your baby dry and helps to prevent nappy rash. Our nappies have a breathable waterproof cover to prevent overheating.

How many nappies do I need? 

If you are starting out with cloth nappies, we recommend our Starter pack which contains 20 soakers, 8 covers and 2 boosters. This is enough nappies for most babies to use full-time and wash second-daily. Our soakers are one size only and will last from birth to toilet training. As your child grows, they will require larger sized covers. Our covers come in three sizes, newborn (approx 0-6 months), infant (approx 4-15 months) and toddler (>15 months) to give a snug fit at each stage of growth. Please refer to our sizing information as the age ranges are a guide only.

Easy Care

Soiled nappies are kept in a dry sealed bucket and do not need to be soaked (solids are flushed down the toilet). The nappies can be tipped straight from the bucket into the washing machine without touching them. They will effortlessly unfold and wash thoroughly. The two-piece design makes our nappies fast drying, even in winter.

How do they work?

Microfleece is a porous yet non-absorbent fabric which allows fluids to pass through it without absorbing them. This means that your baby’s urine passes away from their skin into the very absorbent hemp and organic cotton panels. Their skin remains dry, preventing nappy rash from developing.

The waterproof breathable outer cover is made from polyurethane laminate which is similar to Gore-Tex(TM). This prevents leaks as well as allowing heat to escape, preventing irritation and rashes. Our covers are stretchy and soft allowing an adjustable snug fit.