Our nappy sizing depends on the baby's shape and build, not their weight. 

Australian clothing size

Green Nappy size

Approx age

0000 and 000


0-3 months, 0-6 months

00 and 0


3-12 months, 6-18 months

1 and 2


>12 months to >2 years

Our nappies are designed to fit babies at every stage. We have tried and failed to design a one-size-fits-all nappy that will fit a newborn to a toddler without too much bulk or leaking. The fact is that babies and little people come in all shapes and sizes. Our nappy packages are comparable in price to "one-size-fits-all" brands as the design means that you can use the same soakers as the baby grows, simply upgrading the covers. This allows you to spread the cost over time, as we know that the initial outlay seems quite expensive (although compared to using disposable nappies, you will actually save $1000s in the long run!).

We have found that rather than using a weight guide, the size of the baby's tummy and thighs is the main determinant of what size they require. Slim built babies and children may only end up needing the newborn and infant sizes. Larger children may need the infant and toddler sizes earlier then go back to the Infant size when they start walking and lose their chubby thigh rolls.  

If you are looking for an extra large nappy, our toddler size is ideal. It is bigger than "one-size-fits-all" nappies. It is suitable for most children up to 3 years old. There is not much waist difference between Australian standard size 2 and size 3, the main difference is in the leg length which obviously doesn't matter with nappies. The toddler size is also useful to use with 2 or 3 soakers for an extra absorbent night time nappy. 

Nappy size

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