"I wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with my Green Nappy Company Nappies! We have been using them full time for the past weeks except for night times and can say with all confidence that they are much better at holding in 'poosplosions' than the disposables! We have not had one leak at all and I find them simple to use. Since our bub is a boy and a reasonably heavy wetter, I took your advise and folded the bottom layer of the soaker in half so we get 3 layers of absorbency, have never had any leakage through the waterproof cover either. We have been using the Eenee liners as well and that makes for easy disposal. I always get comments when I change him in public and people love the look of the nappies and I explain how easy they are to use!
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that after trialling so many MCN brands, I am really happy I decided to go with the Green Nappy Company!"

Delphie from WA

"We think the nappies are great and most importantly so does our little one! We have been recommending The Green Nappy Company to all our mates with soon-to-be little bundles of joy. We are looking forward to trying the snap nappies. Thank you!" 

Dr PK, Townsville

"Just a quick email to say THANK YOU!!! We have our new infant covers and our booster pack and our nappy wet bag now and oh, we are so so SO very happy with them all. The new fabric is wonderful, such a huge improvement on the last fabrics and the colours are gorgeous. We just adored the blue especially, it's beautiful.  But most importantly, thanks to your tips about boosting and folding overnight, we are now proud to say we are finally disposable free and it feels GREAT! Alfie is dry all night (as in, his bottom stays dry, all is absorbed and wicked away and NO leaks at all) which is just wonderful - and his nights are about 12 hours (no, he doesn't sleep for 12 hours without feeds but he's in his nightwear about that time and sleepy and not wanting to be changed!) So impressed. Thank you! The wet bag is great too btw, perfect size and very handy. Feels good not to be using plastic bags, even if I was getting the biodegradable ones and reusing them, still more waste than I wanted."


"I have been using The Green Nappy Company nappies now for 8 months an I love them! After trying several different cloth nappies I decided to stick with these because they are better fitting which has meant no leaks, they are less bulky than other two piece nappy systems and the soaker design means that urine does not soak all over the nappy and against my baby's skin. I love the way they feel so soft and retain their softness after washing. I would highly recommend these nappies to anyone."

C.C. Environmental Health Scientist and mum

"I tried another brand of cloth nappy first but found them too bulky and plain looking. You have modern colours and a nice snug fit. They are easy to wash and quick to dry. When it's hot my baby often wears your nappies without shorts or trousers over the top because they look so trendy!"

J. R.

"Just wanted to let you know that we are really impressed with our nappies. They are so easy to use that we never buy disposables anymore!"


"At first I wasn't sure about using cloth nappies but these have been so easy to care for, no more work than disposables. I also love the way that the dry lining protects my baby's skin. We have saved a lot of money on disposable nappies without compromising on effectiveness. I would definitely recommend these nappies."


"When I found out I was pregnant I did some research into enviro nappies. I bought a couple of the commonly known cloth nappies and I did some experiments, my girlfriends laughed at me. I figured that the initial outlay was such that I wanted to make the right choice from the beginning. I am so glad that I chose the Green Nappy Co nappies. Bub has worn Green Nappies since we brought him home from hospital. His skin is perfect, he's never had nappy rash. The Velcro tabs make for a very neat fit, which means very few leaks. The cover and soaker design is so easy, it's as simple as using a disposable and, with no pockets, there is minimal handling of the dirty nappy. I found the soaker to absorb more than other fitted nappies, but because of the simple design there is less bulk in the wash and they dry quicker on the line. The complete package takes up less space in bubs cupboard than a box of diposables, and they are still in prefect condition ready for bub number two!
I feel so happy for using an Australian made product. I feel so happy to be supporting local business and of course I feel so happy doing my thing for our planet. Thank you Green Nappy Co for putting such a great product out there." 

Jenn from WA

"Thank you so much for putting such a great product out there. I'm so happy with them that I recommend Green Nappy Co to all my pregnant girlfriends." 

Jennie from WA 

"We took the nappies away on holidays with us over Christmas/New Year (despite protests from grandma that they would be too much work) and everyone was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to use and clean and everyone commented on how cute she looked in them!"

Belinda from SA