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Wee leaking out of the leg holes

This is a common problem when the nappies are new as the stay-dry surface of the soaker can repel fluid at first. Soakers need to be pre-washed at least 6 times, sometimes more, in order to strip away the oils, such as hemp oils, that are present in the cloth from manufacturing. Soakers can be tested by pouring warm water onto the stay-dry layer to see if it goes through. If it runs off the sides without being absorbed, then it has not been fully pre-washed. To save water and avoid prewashing, the soaker can be used upside down (with a nappy liner such as Eenees - available through our store) for the first uses. During pre-washing it is important to allow the soakers to dry fully before wetting them again, in full sun if possible.

The other common cause of leaking is the nappy being fitted too loosely. The nappy should be snugly fitted around the waist and thighs. If the baby has thin legs, it can be tricky to get a snug fit at the thighs. This can be overcome by pulling the front Velcro strip upwards at an angle before securing.

Wetness coming through the front of the nappy

This is a common problem in little boys. Ensure that the penis is tucked downwards when the nappy is put on. Pull the soaker further to the front so that there is more absorbency where it is needed.

How to Increase the Absorbency

Often needed for little boys (and some little girls too!). You may notice that when you change your nappy the front of the soaker is soaking wet but the back of it is dry. You can increase the absorbency at the front of the nappy by folding the bottom layer of the soaker in half underneath the top layer with the stay-dry layer. A booster can be added to a soaker folded this way to give a very absorbent yet still trim nappy, allowing longer between changes. 

Changing from Disposables to Cloth

If you are ued to disposable nappies, you will probably find that you need to change their nappy more often with cloth. The nappy should be changed at least once for every feed for a newborn. If your baby drinks more at certain times of the day, they will wee more too!

The Green Nappies have a different design to disposable nappies and they need to be stretched quite firmly as the tabs are closed. Our fabrics are stretchy and designed to work when they are stretched. Putting the nappy on too loosely will result in leaks, particularly around the legs. The nappy should be firm enough that there is no space between the nappy and the baby's legs, but not so tight that it leaves marks.

Newborn Poos

Three ways to make it easier to empty runny newborn poo into the toilet:

(i)          Use biodegradable nappy liners such as Eenee nappy liners – then you simply pick up the liner and flush it

(ii)         Use a Little Squirt hose. This is a DIY toilet attachment which uses water from the cistern via a spray hose to clean nappies directly into the toilet.

(iii)        Use a plastic spatula to scrape the poo off.

Not Enough Covers?

If you are running out of clean covers but don’t want to do an extra small load of washing, consider rinsing a few covers in the laundry basin and adding them to your other washing eg clothing. They dry in an hour or two and are ready for use again.


I prefer liquid detergents as powders sometimes clump up on the nappies. I recommend these detergents as they are gentle, better for the environment, Australian-made and good value.

Recommended detergent brands (use ½ recommended amount):

  • Earth Choice
  • Aware (Planet Ark)
  • Green Power

Definitely don't use any detergent that contains enzymes, brighteners or bleach. Some eco-friendly detergent brands contain an enzyme called "cellulase" - this should be avoided as it can break down the nappies.

Nappy Buckets

I recommend keeping two nappy buckets, one at the main change station and the other next to the toilet. Any nappies with solids can be taken to the toilet and emptied into the toilet, then placed straight into the bucket.

Any other issues?

Please contact us so we can improve our troubleshooting information!